Hair Designing for You
You've always said, "That's a nice hair style!" Have you ever been told that?
Yao CityエルブランシュThen, in order to make you look nicer, after grasping all of you, we will firmly hold down the charm point and the weak point firmly, and do the hair design to make it look more beautiful. Of course, we will proceed with your opinions and orders while incorporating them as our top priority, so please don't worry.

For you.エルブランシュOriginal dry cut



Yao CityエルブランシュWe use two types of cutting techniques: "Perfect Dry Cut" and "Dry Cut" which simplifies it more.
エルブランシュThe cut of(2)As shown in the figure, a 1cm square hair bundle is taken one bunch at a time, and the position where the hair bundle falls naturally is determined, and the hair style is made while connecting the points.
It is a cutting technique that corresponds to all hair flow and fly se, can cut with a three-dimensional beautiful silhouette of symmetrical symmetry, and the tip of the hair bundle is delicately cut like a brush, making it possible to produce lightness and movement with a good gloss feeling that fits without using a plough scissors.



ただどうしても毛量が多くてくせのある方は、一般的には毛先だけの毛量調節だけでは重くなりやすく、さらにくせのうねりも出てきますので、(3)The T:System(a)(b)(c)のように根元、中間、毛先と、たいていこのような感じですきバサミを多用している場合をよく見かけます。よく見ると根元付近は毛量が多いですが、毛先へいけばいくほど毛量が少なくなって、スカスカ状態になっており、短長の毛先がたくさんできてしまい、毛羽立ちの多い艶のないまとまりの悪いヘアースタイルを作ってしまいがちです。
In such a caseエルブランシュThen, it is not an ordinary suki scissors but a special suki scissors(通常のすきバサミは25%以上の量を落とし、短い毛が立ってきたりしますが、10%未満しか落とさず、なじみの良い髪の毛を痛めない特殊なすきバサミです)で、根元付近に(4)The T:System(A)(B)(C)というようにハサミを入れながら(最近は、普通のハサミで根元の毛量を調節することが多いです。)長さを変えずに毛量を調節して軽さのある、毛羽立ちの少ない、おさまりの良いヘアースタイルを提供しております。

Hair Esthetics for You
Have you ever been told that your hair is beautiful?
It's not a sore color, a perm, but a repeating of your hair.

Hair quality improvement esthetics only for you
Aren't you giving up your hair?
Even if you do not do things that lead to damage such as color, perm, straight, etc. so as not to damage the hair, even though you are trying to be careful about home care at home, swell, spread, rough, there is no gloss in the bag, etc. are hair quality by your original habit.

The Heart of Hospitality
エルブランシュSo, it's a slow lifestyle that takes care of your time with your customers. We make it a complete reservation system so that you can get the best of your gifts.
エルブランシュThen, in order not to impair the health of relaxation, shampoo & massage, scalp, such as making a space to make you feel at home and relax from the bottom of your heart [aroma scent, relaxing music, also 20 kinds of drink service, etc.] and so on, we prescribe antioxidant lotions at the time of color and perm to protect your skin.

Complete technology security
エルブランシュIn terms of technology, we have completely guaranteed that our customers will be 100% satisfied, so we do not have a warranty period in particular.
If you don't like it, please come back again.
We will do aftercare until we are satisfied with our customers.
If you don't like it the worst, we'll give you a full refund.