Hair Designing for You
You've always said, "That's a nice hair style!" Have you ever been told that?
Yao CityエルブランシュSo, in order to make you look nicer, everything about you (hair type, face type, head type, hair flow, body shape, atmosphere, etc.)After grasping it, we will firmly grasp the charm points and weak points and design the hair to make it look even more beautiful. Of course, please be assured that we will proceed while taking your opinions and orders as a top priority.

For you.エルブランシュOriginal dry cut



Yao CityエルブランシュWe use two types of cutting techniques: "Perfect Dry Cut" and "Dry Cut" which simplifies it more.
I am often asked, "What is the difference?", but the cut with conventional panels is made by stacking panels.(1)As shown in the figure, each panel is cut, and since a pair of scissors is inserted to create lightness and movement on the panel, fluff, loss of luster, strange spreading, splashing, too light, and the hairstyle tends to be disorganized.
エルブランシュThe cut of(2)As shown in the figure, take 1cm square hair bundles one by one, determine the position where the hair bundles fall naturally, and gently taper only 2~3cm of the tip of the hair while connecting the dots (a technique to lighten the feeling of volume while rubbing the length of the hair tips with scissors))to create a hairstyle.
It is a cutting technique that corresponds to all hair flow and fly se, can cut with a three-dimensional beautiful silhouette of symmetrical symmetry, and the tip of the hair bundle is delicately cut like a brush, making it possible to produce lightness and movement with a good gloss feeling that fits without using a plough scissors.


However, if you have a lot of hair and habits, in general, it is easy to become heavy just by adjusting the amount of hair at the tips of the hair, and the waviness of the curly will also appear.(3)The T:System(a)(b)(c)It is often seen at the root, middle, and tip of the hair, usually like this, and when you use a lot of scissors. If you look closely, there is a lot of hair near the roots, but the more you go to the tips, the less hair you have, the more scruffy it is, and a lot of short and long tips are formed, and you tend to create a glossy and disorganized hairstyle with a lot of fluff.
In such a caseエルブランシュThen, even in this case, do not use plough scissors (3)The T:System(a)(b)(c)In this way, we gently taper with only ordinary scissors, and while carefully adjusting the amount of hair without changing the length, we provide a light, less fluffy, and comfortable hairstyle.

Hair Esthetics for You
Have you ever been told that your hair is beautiful instead of dyeing (perm, hair straightening)?
The more you repeat, the more you will "put together beautifully", "make your hair shiny", and "make your hair firmer and firmer."エルブランシュOur original hair esthetics (color, perm, hair shaping, etc.) use weakly acidic agents that are as gentle on the hair as possible, and also firmly adhere nutrients [oil, keratin (the same ingredients as hair), plant-based treatments, etc.) to the hair according to the condition of your hair.
Instead of painful colors, perms and hair straightening, your hair will come back to life more beautifully over and over again.

Hair quality improvement esthetics only for you
Aren't you giving up your hair?
No matter how much you do not do anything that leads to damage such as color, perm, straight, etc. so as not to damage your hair, even though you are careful about home care at home, it is your original habit that it undulates, spreads, becomes rough, and is fluffy and lackluster. In addition, even if you perform El Blanche's hair esthetics (color esthetics, perm esthetics), unfortunately, it is impossible to improve hair quality (gowatsuki, kisimi, zaratsuki, fluffy, uneli, chiritsuki, etc. due to habits).
エルブランシュIf it is an original hair quality improvement esthetic, we promise to produce results in one treatment without damaging the hair to the ideal supple, well-fitting, shiny, and smooth hair quality.

The Heart of Hospitality
エルブランシュSo, it's a slow lifestyle that takes care of your time with your customers. We make it a complete reservation system so that you can get the best of your gifts.
エルブランシュThen, we will create a space for you to relax with peace of mind (aromatic scent, relaxing music, 20 kinds of drink service, etc.), relaxation that will make you fall asleep, shampoo & massage, and scalp health not to impair the health of the scalp. In addition, we prescribe antioxidant lotion at the time of color and perm to protect your skin.

Complete technology security
エルブランシュIn terms of technology, we have completely guaranteed that our customers will be 100% satisfied, so we do not have a warranty period in particular.
If you don't like it, please come back again.
We will do aftercare until we are satisfied with our customers.
If you don't like it the worst, we'll give you a full refund.